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Use your Imagination daily. 'Day Dream your life Awake' into your future self....as Presence: 5-10mins at a time...and allow the divine to flow into your heart!  All your gifts are on the inside.  Go take a peek!!!  Blessings and love to the "Same different other me!"

Ask Athena Understanding Sorrow

Dealing with sorrow and suffering are all a parts of life.  As we surf the waves of consciousness we learn about who we truly are through all the low and high tides of our emotional existence.  See the deeper meaning and grow.  Life's greatest truths are often wrapped in wounds...and turning our "Wounds into Wisdom" allows for greater states of PEACE.

Ascended Masters-I AM THAT

"We are that"...and when we attune with the higher vibrational Masters...We embrace Sympathetic Resonance.  

May we continue to see ourselves in All.

Ask Athena Intuitive Readings Life Contracts

Why were YOU born? 

Search your soul and find out.

You were made out of Stardust...so shine like the SUN.

Ask Athena Intuitive Readings The Magician Tarot Card

Use your magic & create your reality!  

To Heal your physical body-Detox/Fast/Exercise daily

Need assistance Detoxing?

Go to www.ishoppurium.com

Enter Discount Code: AthenaStarSeed

& receive 25% discount on 10 day Detox 

Heal your emotions-Write out Letters of Gratitude to all those who hurt you & burn them.

Heal your mind-Meditate Daily

33 min. in Silence (empty the mind)

Heal your Soul-Give your Gifts to Humanity in a Life of Service to Mother Earth and her Planets, Animals and Children.  We are ONE.

Ask Athena Intuitive Readings-Mermaids Want You to Say Yes!

When we drop into our childlike nature...Miracles happen!  

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven...and everything will be added onto YOU"!    Your divine child is waiting for a Playdate.  Go get some crayons and color a new reality!!!!

Ask Athena-Parallel Realities-To Manifest More Magic ...

Jumping Timelines is a Thought form away!  Shift your frequency and see a higher version of yourself!!!  You are Already simultaneously living in all places...and spaces.  Allow your Love to guide you into  Present Heaven!

Ask Athena-Parallel Realities-Jumping Realities

Jumping Timelines is Exciting and FUN!!! JUMP . . . Froggie. . .  JUMP!!!!  It's All here for you to explore and experience!!!  You are the Miracle!

The Universe LOVES YOU!

Parallel Realities-How I Manifested A Hollywood Reality

All Dreams born in the Soul before we incarnate which are actually prophecies of our Life Contracts...All we really need to do is Align with them!  Raise your vibration into your highest imagination!!!! And you are there.


Supreme Grace Light Breatharian Mantra Meditation

These sacred sounds call more Prana into the bodies cells.  The vibrations create a Recalibration Station to return 12th dimensional DNA for all Beings.  It includes a series of ancient mantras:  a Krinshna mantra, a Buddhist mantra, a Tamil mantra & the Gāyatrī mantra.  A 2500 year old  prayer chanted by the Brāhmaṇas & yogis silently or aloud three times a day at sunrise, noon & sunset to attain the transcendental platform delivering one from material entanglement and suffering to Liberation!

Heaven On Earth with Athena, Kim and The Wicked Hangin Chads

As we continue to build the StarLight Rail Road Grid across the Planet:   

 I came across an amazing FAMILY band that has been touring the country for the last 8 years!  Listen to how this divine family creates their own Heaven On Earth through music, spiritual principles and divine LOVE for all creatures!!!  

Heaven On Earth with Athena, Kim & Donna De Lory

This was one of our most Heavenly Shows with internationally know musical Pop & Kirtan artist 

Donna De Lory who toured with Madonna for 20 years!!!  Her angelic vocals were transformative and Heavenly!  You're in for a real treat!  Enjoy the the fragrance of the divine!

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You are the Beloved...

You are the Drop

U are the Wave

U are the Wake

U are the entire Ocean...

Appreciate all ebbs & flows

What are U learning

when U are sad or worried




Gifts are always being given

Receive, receive, receive...


Everything in the 




as you are loving your true self

there is only 




Message to Hold in your

 Heart Chakra:

"I AM in Divinity 

which is Always in F L O W..."

See the White Light River of Love


Omni Present

Reach up & swim in it...