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Athena StarSeed

Athena is a cosmic oracle intuitive who offers Soul Readings. Her Readings are channelled aspects of your higher soul’s messages. She channels what she calls the ‘Presence of the NOW’. This information is specifically geared towards anyone from a beginner to the spiritually adept. Her messages are for the Golden Age of Artistry and Enlightenment.

As early as she can remember, Athena has been communicating with energy and light. Talking to the stars at night as a child was very normal to her. Sending and receiving star messages…was her way of communing with the Divine.

‘Athena' in Greek means wisdom and warfare or "sharp praise". She cuts away all the adversity within the selves, from duality into unity, the merging of the masculine and feminine, from the forgotten to the remembered.

Athena as a channel cuts away whatever is not in our Highest Truth with her Sword of White Light, so that You shine through as your Authentic Self. Her teachings are geared towards “omni-presence” and opening up one’s own intuitive nature to self-reflect and receive one's super powers. She has the ability to help guide individuals into their highest unique vibrational frequency, by “seeing” into their higher self aspects, and then assisting them in recognizing their divine gifts and mission on this planet.

If you are already in your Present Purpose, she can also assist you with vibrational upgrades in full spectrum white light.

Karmic Clearing and Wisdom Recovery are some of her strongest gifts… resulting in freeing up blocked energy and aligning you to your truest Self expression. Athena utilizes a variety of divination tools to offer you the choices, opportunities, and timelines available in the NOW and all future present moments of yourself. These tools upgrade your DNA and assist you in manifesting your highest relationships with love, friendship, career, cosmic twin partner and life purpose.

She believes every challenge on this planet is "some soul's" dream job!!!

…and when we all live from a vibrational state of JOY….We personally, through our vibrations and heart rhythms, usher in the NOW…Heaven on Earth!

Athena is also the host of the TV/Radio Show "Heaven on Earth":


Saturdays 10am-11am PST & Sundays 1pm-2pm PST

May all Beings be Happy and Free.

All art images are by my dear friend Amorea Dreamseed:


Life Contracts of the Golden Age

Many Souls on this Golden Brick Road, called LIFE ask 3 very important questions, as they are Awakening:

Who  AM I ?

What is my Purpose?

What will I leave behind?

The answers to these empowering questions lay dormant within each soul.

As every acorn become an Oak tree, every Soul will at some point in their evolution... become GOD Conscious.  My Life Purpose is to assist individuals to experience, explore and express their divine gifts!

Tuning Up and Into Divine Light

I have been guided to offer several options to assist  beings to upgrading and reboot their live streams.  The follow sessions are available:

Personal Soul Readings

Celestial Channeling Circles: On line and in person.

Cosmic Coaching Packages

Divine Light Blessings 

LiteBodyFitness Retreats

Celestial Angelic Sound Baths

Key Note Speaches

StarSeed Playshops