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Here's What Souls are Sharing About Athena's Intuitive Readings

“What a powerful POWERFUL reading we had together. You were so compassionate, SO tuned in to energies and details, I was stunned. 

I cannot believe that you picked up so accurately on my relationship with my brother and I didn't even share any details with you!!

Also, the fact that you saw those Obession campaign images in your mind and your reference to Ashes & Snow … I literally can't even comprehend how you were able to access that. Both are my exact aesthetic in my work and my husband's jaw was on the floor when I told him!

Sending you so much love and gratitude. With the deepest respect,”

April 2018-D

“My soul reading was very beneficial because it allowed me to see that I was being very negative, closed and unable to receive anything good. I saw that I needed to change that right there and then. Since my reading I’m more hopeful and have righted all my well-being compasses so I’m open to receive my highest good.

Oh, in addition I must say in my case, a soul reading is more practical, less time consuming, less expensive than seeing a psycho therapist. Therapist sometimes exclude spirituality from the conversation and with my soul reading I could see it would be welcomed.”

April 2018-SR

I have had several readings with Athena. She is a very clear intuitive channel. Each reading has gently taken me deeper, bit by bit, unveiling the profound truth of the next steps in my soul’s journey.

April 2018-CK

"OMG I love you so much I am so appreciative of our time together today. I will do what you say and come visit you in person in June with an update. 💖💖💖 thank you from my soul and the bottom of my heart for your gifts, talents, guidance and direction. OX "

May 5-16-18-AK

"Thank you for the amazing reading. I Am focused and doing it joyfully. I will totally have you perform in my home. XXXXXX"


"Thank you so much, Athena, for reading me and also enlightening me 💛 I’m excited to watch the videos and also ready to write the letter to Michael. Really appreciate all of your guidance, I feel as though I’m already looking through a new lens. Thank you!" 🙏 


"Thank you so much Athena!!! It was great reading with you! I just sang the whole way in the car!" 😍😍😍❤️😘


"Love & light to you Athena-Your reading aka GIFT was spot ON- all things I was On or pondering ON or already completed."

7-8-18 SG


Your reading literally was such a turning point for me and my boyfriend. It was so amazing. Thank you.

9-26-18 M & R

Thank you Athena so much for the readings it was definitely what I needed to hear and heal. Thank you, thank you, thank you for EVERYTHING.  Love YOU!

9-28-18 JF

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Can I talk to people who have crossed over?

Yes, we can  communicate with friends and family members who have passed.  It's all about being open to receiving the subtle impressions from our souls intuition.  Allow me to assist in this communication to embrace the other souls from beyond this dimension.

Will a Soul Reading assist me in my personal evolution?

YES!!!  That is what they are designed to do on all dynamics: Physically, Financially, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

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